Nature Photography 2024 Calendar

My first telephoto lens was the Canon RF 100-400mm f5.6-8.0.

With this lens, attached to my Canon RP, has captured many moments for the almost 1 year since I got them. I’ve talked about the lens before, and as much as it does pull its weight in well lit conditions, it’s not the sharpest of lens for, usually the kinda nature photography I do.

Nonetheless, I’m glad I could capture these beautiful nature.

Some of my photos may look exotic to people, and they may wonder, ‘Where did you take these shots?’, ‘Which country are these from?’.

Well, all the animal-related shots are from within less than a 1km-radius of where I currently live in Koforidua. There’s beauty in our surroundings, even in urban areas.

Only issue is how the daily tussles and hassles distract us from appreciating the ‘little things’ all around us.

With these photos, I intend to remind you all the importance of taking a minute every day, to appreciate these wonderful, beautiful, often colorful and delicate beings we share this lovely planet with.


I put together some of my proudest shots from the year 2023 into a simple wall-hanging calendar design, that’s beautiful and can remind you to take a peek at nature every day.

At the office and or at the hallway in your home, the beautiful photos on the 2024 Nature Photography Calendar from KhoPhi Photography will hopefully impress on your appreciation for nature.

Below are the individual photos making up the calendar