Hello! My name is Rexford KhoPhi.

Although I wear different hats in my career, I welcome you to my photography website, KhoPhi Photography.

On other websites like FPV Africa, I'm a professional FPV drone pilot. On KhoPhi's Dev, talk and write about my journey of 10+ years of being a Software Engineer. 

On YouTube, you'll hear me rant and share pieces of my life journey and travels.

And I recently produced my first documentary using drone footage called, Aerial Ghana.

Once in a while, I dabble in the arts of 3D, thus my 3D page with some of my personal and client projects.

However, on this page, I hope you enjoy my photography journey

About Me: Uplifting Memories Through My Lens

From the very first click of the shutter, I knew that photography would be more than just a hobby for me; it would become a lifelong passion. As far back as my high school days, I found joy in documenting memories, but more than that, I reveled in the art of capturing moments as they truly were. Over the years, I’ve amassed a vast collection of nearly 100,000 photos, each one telling a unique story.

My Style:

My photography style is rooted in authenticity. While I’m not afraid to get creative and artistic with my edits, I believe in preserving the essence of the moment. It’s about capturing the real lighting, mood, and ambiance, ensuring that when you look back at my photos, you’re transported back to that very moment.

What Sets Me Apart:

In today’s fast-paced world, I take pride in my ability to deliver results quickly. Whether it’s a multi-day event with thousands of photos or a more intimate session, my editing workflow is seamless, often delivering the final product in under 72 hours. My professionalism and punctuality are qualities that clients have come to rely on, allowing them to focus on their events while I work behind the scenes.

The Technical Fascination:

Photography, to me, is like walking with a piece of physics. I’m endlessly fascinated by the technical aspects of this art form, and every time I pick up my camera, it’s an opportunity to explore the boundaries of light, composition, and storytelling.

My Gear:

I trust in the power of the Canon EOS RP, paired with a selection of lenses and accessories that ensure the success of every project. It’s a partnership that’s never let me down.

Adventures in Photography:

Photography has taken me to far-flung places like Togo and Kenya, where I’ve had the privilege of capturing the beauty and diversity of our world.

Approach to Every Project:

Preparation is key for me. I believe in being in control, not out of any obsession, but to ensure that I exceed the expectations of my clients. No surprises, just a well-prepared photographer ready to create magic.

The Essence of My Work:

When you view my photographs, I want you to feel reality. In a world saturated with heavily edited images, I offer a refreshing sense of authenticity and genuineness. My aim is to create photographs that resonate with you, that tell your story as it truly happened.

Current Excitement:

My ongoing nature photography project takes me up close and personal with small creatures like insects and birds. It’s a captivating journey, and I can’t wait to share the results with you.

Beyond Photography:

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m a software engineer writing code or an FPV pilot taking to the skies with my drones. Photography isn’t just a profession; it’s a way of life.

Uplifting Memories:

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For me, it’s worth a thousand memories. My slogan, “Uplifting Memories,” encapsulates the heart of what I do. I invite you to explore my portfolio and experience the magic of capturing moments that last a lifetime.